Many people are afraid of seeing the dentist for their toothache. However, tooth pain is an indicator that dental care is needed. Dr. Sun DMD, MS practices gentle conservative dentistry and treats extensive tooth decay with root canals and porcelain crowns. Our Katy practice, Smile Rangers Dental, is equipped to treat any issues related to dental decay and help patients obtain good oral health.

Why Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy has a reputation for being an uncomfortable and extensive procedure. Smile Rangers Dental challenges this notion by providing for patient comfort at every step of treatment. We make sure patients are well-informed, giving a thorough explanation of the procedure to reduce patient anxiety. Dr. Nisha makes comfort her first priority and will only move forward with the treatment when patients are fully comfortable. To enhance your experience, our practice also offers patients dental sedation options, including nitrous sedation and oral conscious sedation.

When patients have toothaches for some time or broken teeth that expose the inner structures, your dental pulp becomes infected. Root canal therapy is essential to remove this decay that causes discomfort and to save the tooth. After removing the decay and infected pulp, the tooth is sanitized and given a porcelain crown, restoring tooth function and aesthetics.

Custom Crowns in Katy

Porcelain crowns are made using impressions that are taken from patient smiles. Impressions are used as molds for your custom crown, ensuring a precise fit. Porcelain is the material of choice, for it resembles natural tooth structure in strength and appearance. A dental lab creates the crown and shades it to match the rest of your teeth, giving patients a uniform and beautiful smile. We will tailor your crown until it fits the smile perfectly, and rebuilds lost dental function. Smile Rangers Dental is proud to offer high-quality crown work for patients, which is fully custom and resilient to wear and tear.

The Smile Ranger Dental Commitment

Dr. Nisha takes care of patients no matter how advanced your decay is. Although root canal therapy is an important procedure, our Katy practice offers a full range of dental treatments and restorations to restore your smile. Dr. Nisha combats dental fear with knowledge and compassionate attention and welcomes patients with anxiety to receive the treatment they need.

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Our dental team is passionate about restoring oral health and function, to all ages. Dr. Nisha is a true professional, elevating patient needs and concerns, and provides treatments to directly resolve those issues. Call us today to schedule an appointment, and experience the Smile Rangers Dental difference.